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Shop at Home services make flooring easy

Shopping for new flooring is overwhelming enough, with all the choices and paperwork, such as the flooring estimate. There are many decisions to be made, and after a while, you may decide to make it. Then when you get it home, it looks different than when it was in the store and didn't seem to coordinate with your style the way you’d hoped.

As the expression goes, “You are only as good as your last job.” That's why you will only find quality products and services at Lavy's Flooring. We make sure all of our customers are incredibly pleased with their decision, and that's why we also offer a shop at home option. We know some people do like to come to a physical location. Still, others want to see the product in their home, with their furnishings, so offer both shopping at home, as well as a physical showroom, making us your ultimate flooring company in Zanesville, OH.

Accurate lighting in your own home

Colors can shift in different lights or even when next to other colors; it doesn’t matter if you look at the sample in a lightbox or even outside because that's not where you live. Ask if you can take samples home so you can see them in your surroundings. We always let people borrow samples to see them in their spaces.

Shop at home improves memory

It’s not unusual when you're not at home to forget about leaky pipes, animals, or kids who always drop milk, kool-aid, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. When you shop in the convenience of your home, you will remember those things because they’re right in front of you. If you don’t know, we'll take notice of things and ask!

It’s just more comfortable

When you walk from store to store, your feet and head hurt. You’re tired and hungry, making it the ideal atmosphere to forget things and make hasty, not often good, decisions. When you shop at home, you can get up to stretch and snack, making you more relaxed and better able to make clear-headed decisions.

At Lavy's Flooring, our showroom is a Mohawk ColorCenter which means you will have the largest selection of the hottest products in an effortless and organized environment to shop in. To learn more about shop-at-home or any of our products, services, and free quotes, either visit our showroom in Zanesville, OH, or call for our fully stocked mobile showroom, convenient to Zanesville, , and .