Match carpet from Lavy's Flooring to your lifestyle

Often the carpet chosen meets the needs of a family's lifestyle. When family members bring hobbies into the home that cause a mess or makeup gets spilled on the floor, we have to face the reality of what happens on a carpet is not exactly what we had planned.

For that reason, carpet should be stain-resistant, comfortably soft, easy to clean, and extremely durable. These benefits are available in a carpet that comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. Life can be unpredictable, but choosing carpet to fit your lifestyle doesn't have to be. Let's discuss some carpet styles that work with some lifestyle factors that might exist in your home.

Carpet when you have pets

Lavy's Flooring carries stain resistant carpet that is pet-friendly. Mohawk provides carpet that is made from bio-based material. The material is certified to contain no harmful substances. Shaw pet-friendly carpet is made from nylon which reduces odors and protects against pet urine and spills. Both manufacturers provide a product that has stain and spill protection built into the carpet fiber.

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Kid friendly carpet

Carpeting provides a comfortable place for kids to play. Lavy's Flooring has options designed with a family in mind. The carpet is made of durable material, has been treated for soil and stain resistance, and is exceptionally soft. Styles that are kid-friendly include:

  • Texture and shag
  • Saxony and plush
  • Patterned loop
  • Patterned cut pile

Carpeting for high-traffic areas

For both affordability and durability, low pile carpeting is available. The densely woven fibers of low pile carpet are known for repelling debris and dirt better than a shag carpet. Matting in high-traffic areas is not noticeable. You will also want to choose a color that can withstand daily use. Grays, whites and lighter colors should be avoided. Missteps are not as visible on darker colors.

If any of these scenarios describe your home, or if you are interested in making eco-friendly lifestyle choices, we have a carpet to fit your needs. Let us know what you want your flooring to withstand and leave the rest to us. Customers from Zanesville, New Lexington, Nashport, and Crooksville enjoy the comfortable and organized atmosphere in our Zanesville, OH showroom.