laminate flooring in Ohio

Choosing the right flooring for Ohio's climate

Ohio's climate is known for its extremes, with hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. These weather variations can pose unique challenges when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for your Zanesville, OH home. 

The Impact of Ohio's Climate on Flooring Choices

Ohio residents are no strangers to the shifting seasons, which can take a toll on your home's flooring if not chosen wisely. Let's examine how each season can affect your flooring:

Summer Challenges

High Humidity: Ohio summers are hot and humid, leading to increased indoor humidity levels. This can potentially cause issues with certain flooring materials like hardwood, which may expand or contract due to moisture fluctuations.

Increased Foot Traffic: With the nice weather, people tend to spend more time outdoors, leading to more dirt and debris being tracked inside. Your flooring should be able to handle the extra wear and tear.

Winter Challenges

Cold Temperatures: Ohio winters can be harsh, with freezing temperatures that can make certain flooring materials uncomfortably cold to walk on.

Snow and Ice: Snow and ice accumulation can lead to wet conditions indoors, posing a risk to sensitive flooring types.

Salt and Deicing Chemicals: The use of salt and deicing chemicals can damage some flooring materials over time.

Durable Flooring Options for Ohio's Climate

To combat the challenges presented by Ohio's climate, consider these flooring options that are both durable and suitable for the local weather conditions:

Luxury Vinyl Flooring:

  • Luxury vinyl is waterproof, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to moisture and spills.
  • It's resistant to temperature fluctuations, maintaining a comfortable feel year-round.
  • Luxury vinyl comes in a wide range of styles, including options that mimic the look of hardwood or tile.

Laminate Flooring:

  • Laminate is budget-friendly and resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  • It's easy to clean and can mimic the look of natural wood or stone.

Selecting the right flooring for your Zanesville, OH home is crucial to ensure it can withstand the challenges posed by Ohio's ever-changing climate. Consider the durability, moisture resistance, and temperature stability of different flooring materials when making your decision.

At Lavy's Flooring in Zanesville, we understand the unique flooring needs of Ohio residents. Our expert team can help you explore a wide range of flooring options and guide you toward the best choice for your home's climate and lifestyle.

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